Virtual Training

Virtual Training

The Way of the UndergrounD

Starter Videos

Starter videos for your martial arts training.


Crane (White, Yellow, Orange belts). Basic skills and material. Self Defense and conditioning. No weapons. No sparring. 


Turtle (Green, Purple, Blue belts). Intermediate level training. Basic weapons training. Basic sparring. Projectiles.


Tiger (Brown, Red, Deputy Black belts). Advanced training. Advanced weapons, light contact sparring. Leadership and Demo team. Tournament eligibility.

Black Belts

Dragon (Black Belts). Black Belt training. Expert level weapons, choreography. Instructor training.

Master Level and Above

Phoenix (Instructors and Staff). Mastery training. Career options

Unleashed Fitness

This program is designed to work with our martial arts program or as a standalone training program. Cardio, weights, stretching and endurance coaching.

Underground Tai Chi

This program is an introduction to moving meditation practices from various arts and cultures. Good for the elderly or mobility impaired to improve balance and energy.

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