Virtual Training

Virtual Training

The Way of the UndergrounD

First Videos

Starter videos to help you get ready for class. 

Crane (White, Yellow, Orange belts)

Basic skills and material. Self Defense and conditioning. No weapons. No sparring. 

Turtle (Green, Purple, Blue belts)

Intermediate level training. Basic weapons training. Basic sparring. Projectiles.

Tiger (Brown, Red, Deputy Black belts)

Advanced training. Advanced weapons, light contact sparring. Leadership and Demo team. Tournament eligibility.

Dragon (Black Belts)

Black Belt training. Expert level weapons, choreography. Instructor training.

Phoenix (Instructors and Staff)

Mastery training. Career options

Underground Fitness

This program is designed to work with our martial arts program or as a standalone training program. Cardio, weights, stretching and endurance coaching.

Underground Tai Chi

This program is an introduction to moving meditation practices from various arts and cultures. Good for the elderly or mobility impaired to improve balance and energy.

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See what people have to say with the testimonials below!

Underground Fitness is amazing.  The instructors are professional, relate beautifully to children (and adults) of all ages, and they consistently go the extra mile to make sure all their students have the tools they need for success.  Our children have been students of these instructors for almost 10 years now, and we couldn’t be happier to have followed them to their opening of Underground Fitness. If you are looking for a place where your child can build confidence and mixed-martial-arts self-defense skills, this is the place!


I'm very grateful for the work the karate instructors have provided for all the kids my daughter has adhd and since she started karate, she has shown great improvement in concentration. They also took the extra mile and brought professionals one mental health and one dietitian. I just wanted to say thank you for the patience and the hard work on my daughter.

Omar A.

We love being a part of the Underground family! My 6-year-old son started with them a few months ago, and has already moved up one level. He is now SO proud of himself, and we are proud parents as well! Master Ben and Master Williams are great with the kids, and they aren't only teaching Taekwondo and fitness, but life skills such as self control, focus, respect, and teamwork. The option of the online classes is wonderful as well, we love when our son tells us he wants to take extra classes online in addition to his weekly in-person class. It's great to see our son coming out of his shell more outisde the home, and taking pride in his activities, and we thank Underground for the part they have played in that!

Bettiann B.

THANK YOU for the Women's Self-Defense Seminar! It was, extremely, informative, engaging and entertaining! I took away, many, valuable skills that I could use, to protect myself and/or someone else if found in a dangerous situation. I, highly, recommend all women take part in this training as it helps to overcome fears, build confidence, sense of empowerment and freedom. I look forward to the next session!


My, 8yr old son, who has Autism and severe language delay, is doing amazing in this class! Though communication and comprehension is very difficult for him; both, Master Williams and Master LaMasters are extremely patient and understanding! I love how they connect with him, in a way that he can understand, and he is treated/included the same as everyone else. I am completely amazed at how much he has learned and grown, beginning on day one. Can't thank you enough for all you do! I, highly, recommend Underground Fitness and Self Defense to everyone!

Kizzy J.

Amazing would be an understatement for UndergrounD. The masters so incredibly great with teaching on different levels to ensure everyone understands, learns and has fun. My daughter gets so excited for her classes and they have helped tremendously with her self confidence, bravery, manners and respect. They teach so much more than hits and kicks- the things they teach is what shapes these children into amazing human beings. Can’t say enough great things about this place- highly recommend!

Heather K.

Our 4 year old is thriving in this class. He is an active young man and this class matches his energy and it is teaching him respect, kindness and understanding all at the same time. Master Ben and Master William have the perfect balance...making class fun and teaching the lessons to make my son respectful, kind and a confident young man. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Madeline B.

Absolutely love Master Williams and Master Ben. They are so patient with my son (4 yo) and work so well with kids. My son looks forward to “ninja training” every week. They are so good at teaching and being serious about martial arts but keeping it fun at the same time. Highly recommend!!

Taylor F.
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